Things to Take Note When Creating Your Company Logo Design

Whether you are starting a new business or thinking about rebranding your business due to a change in business model or service offerings, company logo design is likely the first thing you need to prepare to make a solid impression in the eyes of your potential customers.
A company logo is a symbol made up of text and/ or icons that helps your customers identify your business easily. A good company logo design shall serve to tell potential clients who you are, what you do, what values you stand for and how they can benefit from you.
At A Plus Design PLT, we have done many projects for Logo Design Johor Bahru, Muar and outside of Johor. It is important for your company logo design to look professional and leave a positive first impression that builds immediate trust with your customers. If you are unsure of what you want for your logo design, read on!
Now, let us look at 4 Main Types of company logos and how you can choose one that suits your company.

Wordmark logo

A wordmark logo is the most direct type of logo design that applies unique typography to the business name. The visual impact of a wordmark logo is dependent on the font, thus it is important to choose typography that is highly representative of your business’ personality.
Wordmark logo is normally suitable for companies with a
succinct and unique name - e.g. Google. It is best recommended
for companies new into the business, needing to get their brand
name out soon. For companies with a long name, a lettermark logo
(read below) is normally more suitable than a wordmark logo.
FY Metal Resources
GD Pro 2S
Green Energy Automation
Golden Maya Industries

Lettermark logo

A lettermark logo is similar to the wordmark logo, except that it takes the abbreviated initials of a company as the main text for logo design.
It is recommended for companies having a long business name or planning to use initials/ abbreviations of the company name across marketing materials. Lettermark logos are sometimes perceived to be associated with personalisation and wealth, thus are recommended for high-end brands as well.
AZ Sutra
Chee Yu

Symbol / Abstract logo

This type of logo consists of a graphic symbol or icon that usually represents what the company does or is designed to express something about the brand.
Once the brand is established, symbol logos are almost instantly recognisable by its followers. On the plus side, it can easily be resized across different branding materials.
Symbol logo is recommended for companies offering a specific product/ service/ value to their target customers. Do take note that it may not be the best option for new businesses that have not been established long enough or customers may lose interest when they don’t recognise the logo instantly.
JD Gym
Pro Gas

Mascot logo

Some companies may opt to create an illustrated character to represent the business. It gives the business a personality and makes it easy for people to remember the brand.
Mascot logos normally exude a friendly, fun-spirited and warm feeling to the customers. Thus, it is a great choice for brands targeting families or children.
Fish Wing
Howmami Bakery
Seng Seng

Other important things to take note of:



Colour triggers emotions and evokes different feelings in your customers. Normally, a seasoned designer shall be able to advise you on the right colours for your industry and target market. Once chosen, do keep your logo within 2-3 colours for a professional look. Since some documents may require the logo to be presented in black and white, make sure you take into account how the logo looks in black and white before finalising the choice of logo colours.


If there is a tagline in the logo, make sure the tagline does not appear larger than your company name in terms of font size, font length and font boldness.


Make sure the font you choose is easy to read. Make sure the fonts are readable even when the size is significantly reduced. Also, avoid using too many font types in the logo to avoid creating a confusing message for your potential customers.
Keep It Simple  

Keep It Simple

Avoid over-adding visual effects to the logo such as drop shadow, glow, multiple thick strokes, etc. This way you can ensure your logo will stay timeless and look good even after 5 or 10 years.


How long has the design firm been around? For the best of expertise, it is recommended to choose a design firm with more than 5 years of experience so they can guide you well to arrive at your desired logo design.


How pleasant was the experience working with the designers? Look up their website / social media and see if they have positive testimonials from previous clients before you decide.

Design Portfolio

Design Portfolio

Ask for their design portfolio. It takes both creativity and technical skill to put things together into a good design.
Example of portfolio:
Check This Out



How fast do the design firm respond to your inquiry? Are they able to answer your doubts? The process of logo design often requires a lot of communication. Make sure the person in charge of the design firm is responsive and possesses good communication skills. It is also best you appoint a design firm near you, e.g. if you are based in Johor Bahru (JB), google “logo design Johor Bahru” and engage a JB based design firm will make it easier for you to communicate with designers.

Logo Design Johor Bahru:
Our past design works for our clients in Johor Bahru (JB) and beyond.

Hana Automotive
Highclass Group

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