1. What is your design process?
Our design process starts with a consultation to discuss your design requirements and key objectives. Following this, a quotation with a detailed breakdown of the service scope proposed in line with your business objectives will be provided.
Once you agree to proceed with our service, our designer team will get in touch with you for information collection, concept creation, artwork presentation, design revision and artwork finalization.
2. What can I expect if I hire your services?
Our design artworks are sketched from scratch (original creation) and provided in high-resolution files. You do not have to worry about copyright infringement when you engage our services.
3. Where can I find samples of your work? 
Please visit our portfolio gallery here.
4. Is the design copyrighted / trademarked?
If you would like to register a trademark for your company logo or other branding elements, you will need to file your application to the respective authority. If you are interested to understand further, feel free to consult our sales representatives for more details.
5. How do you charge your design service?
Every job is unique and customized to individual needs. Our sales team will gladly answer any queries you have and provide you with a detailed quote based on your design needs. You can contact us via Whatsapp or email to understand our charges.

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