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How to Boost Sales with Packaging Design

Have you ever wanted to buy a product just because you liked its packaging design?
For better or worse, our brains are hardwired to like attractive things as brightly coloured and unblemished specimens suggest a healthy, nutritious meal free of decay and parasites.
Of course, the details of this attraction go deeper than just colours and a good understanding of this can be used in marketing to attract new customers and keep old ones coming back for more.
In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some proven strategies for packaging designs.

There is No-One-Size-Fits-All

Choosing the best packaging design largely depends on your target audience. Study your target audience well before you start working on the packaging design. As a Johor Bahru (JB) based packaging design solution provider, we have helped many of our clients in Johor Bahru to identify the right design scheme for their customers. Read on to learn about our findings!
Though there may be some qualities that are more universally liked (such as bright colours and shine), different types of design are known to send stronger signals to specific consumer groups. For example, children find products with pastel colours and cute cartoons more attractive while simple and elegant packaging designs are best for conveying luxury and quality.
Packaging   Packaging
Packaging   Packaging

Packaging Design Johor Bahru:
We have helped many clients in Johor Bahru (JB)
to grab customers’ attention with attractive design.

For most products, a simple design makes it easier for customers to read the details on the packaging and instantly know what they’re looking at, especially with all the clutter of competing products on shopping shelves.
With how important it is to deliver the right style and the need to create unique and attractive graphics that distinguish your brand from others, we recommend hiring a graphic designer with the experience, tools and creative juices to get you started. It is also advisable to choose a local design firm who fully understand the culture context of your product and your target audience.
If you are looking for packaging design Johor Bahru, check us out here!

Attractive Logo and Colour Combination

An attractive logo and colour combination are one of the most important strategies to grab attention, often long enough for customers to decide to make a purchase even if they did not intend to.
The key is to design your logo and colour combination to appeal to your target audience. Alternatively, focus on a logo that communicates your core values and just let it attract the right crowd.
On a lesser note, your packaging design’s logo and the colour combination should also describe the product.
To learn more on how to create a logo design that works for you, check out:
Things to Take Note when Creating Your Company Logo
Attractive Logo and Colour Combination

Functional Packaging

Like trust earned through authentic advertising, making your packaging designs functional items in themselves is a good way of endearing your brand to customers.
Good packaging design choices can include compartments to protect fragile products, easy to open, stack and store, or have clever built-in quality-of-life features. And with many customers already knowing what they want to purchase even before they enter the store, a product that comes in useful packaging can be the tipping point in choosing one product over the other.

Quality Packaging

According to a survey, about 72 per cent of respondents say that the quality (or at least the perceived quality, an important distinction here) plays a factor in their purchase decisions. That’s a lot of people you do now want to lose!
It doesn’t have to be expensive, but skipping out on quality materials for the packaging design is a mistake that too many brands make not realising that this small investment can go a long way in generating more sales and customer satisfaction. If you are based in Johor Bahru, you may visit our office to browse sample packaging materials before you finalise your printing.
Normally, an experienced graphic designer shall be able to advise you on the appropriate choice of material to achieve these purposes:
Matches your brand identity
Gives the best protection
for your product
Enhance customers’ perception with an
amazing first impression on your product
If you are looking for packaging printing service in Johor Bahru, you may contact us for detailed discussion.

Useful Product Information Attached On The Product Packaging

In an online study, 85% of shoppers say that their decision to buy a product is informed by reading a product’s packaging while they’re shopping. Thus, the information (product labelling) on the product packaging is just as important as the packaging design itself.
Having well-structured information available on the product label is important to ensure it demonstrates the value of the product and convince customers to purchase the product instead of putting it back on the shelf. Very often, this is done by a professional copywriter working closely with the product development team to come up with product labels that grab attention and sell.
For the best results before mass printing begins, you might want to engage a professional graphic designer who knows the appropriate font style, size and colour to combine the precise wordings on the product label with appealing graphics to attract customers’ attention and interest.

Packaging Design with
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Looking for Packaging Design Johor Bahru (JB) ? You have come to the right place! A Plus Design PLT is a Johor Bahru (JB) based one-stop graphic design solution provider. We are one of the top solution providers of packaging design Johor Bahru.
If you are planning for a new product launching and in need for advice on packaging design, we are here to help.
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