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How To Make Your Company Profile Design Stands Out

As business becomes increasingly more competitive, it takes more than a written company profile to stand out and move audiences, and a well-designed company profile could mean the difference between rejection and sealing a deal.
As a design firm specialising in company profile design Johor Bahru (JB), we have worked with many JB-based companies to help them establish the trustworthiness of their company while also making it more memorable through a good company profile design.
Generally, company profile design Johor Bahru (JB), KL or outside of Malaysia
is meant for several key purposes and audience including:
Business-to business, business-to-customer interactions
Applications for government grants/loans/assistance
Tendering large-scale/long-term contracts with large organisations (e.g. government agencies and MNCs)
Partnership proposals to another company
Investment proposals
So what makes for a good company profile design?
Here are 3 important considerations to make it stand out:

Create a Company Profile Design That Is Attractive And Memorable

Consider this thought experiment:
if a procurement officer were to receive multiple company profiles from different competing suppliers, which one do you think stands a bigger chance to be chosen?
All other things equal, it is usually the company profile that is well-designed with attractive graphic design elements, which immediately communicates a level of professionalism. The use of different colours and imagery also has a profound effect on emotions.
There are 4 key aspects to making your company profile attractive and memorable;
company logo, colour scheme, layout, and consistency



Company Logo

A company logo is the most important component of your company profile to create a lasting impression.
The first step to creating a catchy company logo that is interesting and unforgettable is to use design elements that give audiences the right impression from the start.
To nail this, you need to understand your target audience, as well as your company’s core values. Here are some logos we designed for our clients in Johor Bahru:
Al Ejib Herbs Sdn Bhd   Allied Chemist
Alma   Blockchain Village Medini
Make the right impression: Your company logo should immediately send the right brand message to your target audience and hint at your products and services.
Read here to learn more about logo design.



Choosing a Colour Scheme

Colours play a huge role in setting the mood and feeling of readers of your profile, and you should take advantage of this when implementing your company profile design. Take note that your colour scheme should match those used in your logo and brand identity.
To choose the perfect colour scheme, there are a few basic things you need to know about colours, and that is they can each elicit a specific emotion from people.
For example, red is great for drawing attention and creating excitement in the context of an advertisement. Blue, on the other hand, communicates trust, professionalism and reliability. Light tones such as white, bright yellow and light green usually communicate an easy-going and friendly personality. In contrast, a jet-black background with golden highlights exudes class, exclusivity and exotic quality.
You may also want to take note of the colour culture in the local context. Say if your customers are based in Johor Bahru (JB), what are the general perceptions of different colours in Johor Bahru? Normally, engaging a local graphic design firm (JB-based) will help a lot in advising you with the right choice of colours.
Portfolio   Portfolio
Portfolio   Portfolio
Company Profile Design Johor Bahru: Here are some company profile designs we have done for our clients.
Some of them are based in Johor Bahru, targeting customers in Johor Bahru; while many are based in Johor Bahru targeting overseas clients.




Make sure that your company is presented in an easy-to-read format.
The first step is to use simple graphics such as icons to break up long chunks of information into short but concise pieces (accomplished with good copywriting). Imagine bullet points but with pictures instead of dots heading each point.
The second is to ensure a neat layout with text paired with relevant images. This will make reading more comfortable and stimulating.
Also, keep the page alignment consistent and natural.

Use High Quality Images

The images attached in the company profile design is just as important as how you communicate the first impression to your target customers. Make sure you choose images / actual photographs of high resolution. Shall you need photograph service in Johor Bahru, you may also check with our team for service proposal.

Enhanced Your Company Profile with Professional Copywriting

Whether designing a company profile brochure or other marketing collateral, ensure that your copy matches your visual style.
As a general rule, you’ll want to showcase your company background, achievements and strength to best persuade readers of your competence, trustworthiness and relevance.
Most importantly, it is essential to ensure proper grammar and that your content is well-structured and easy to understand. Remember, your company logo and colour scheme are only meant to grab the attention of your audience before your copywriting reels them in.
But if you don’t want to leave your brand strategy to chance, you can engage a graphic designer and copywriter to help you figure out a winning brand strategy. Good luck!
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